Every time the producer, songwritter and arranger Lalo Titenkov has his fingers in the pie there is - with utmost probability - a hit on the way to the top of the charts ...

In 1997 Lalo started his star-paved producing-career based on his Master in classical and jazz piano. Reputed for his extraordinary musical and interpersonal skills he soon became a top known producer in Germany. Since 1998 he co-produced div. national #1-Hits for the Hit-Wonder Dieter Bohlen and today looks back on successful collaborations with many selling artists like Andrea Berg, Sarah & Pietro, Nevada Tan, Yvonne Catterfeld, Alexander, Modern Talking ...
Along to his artist engagement Lalo writes and produces music for TV-shows and corporate-brand-clients such as the German RTL Top-TV-Event DSDS.

Lalo always creates the right atmosphere to his projects. Some call his work efficient, some call it exceptional. Look at it as you like, but if you need perfect results, Lalo Titenkov is the guarantee for it.

Acts & Artists:

Nino de Angelo, Jean-Michel Aweh, Alexander Klaws, Christian Bakotessa, Andrea Berg, Jenny van Bree, Dieter Bohlen, Yvonne Catterfeld, Patrick Dewayne, DSDS, Das Supertalent, Elli, Wiebke Engel, Sarah Engels, Sophie Erben, Millane Fernandez, Helene Fischer, Die Girlband, G's Incorporated, Luca Hanni, Isabel, Jeanette, Daniel Küblböck, Sarah Kreuz, Pietro Lombardi, Mehrzad Marashi, Ricardo Marinello, Mark Medlock, Michele, Nebuya, Daniele Negroni, Planet Noir, Severino, Modern Talking, Nevada Tan, Leo Rojas, Daniel Schumacher, Nathalie Tineo, Touche, Al Walser ...




Graduation at the State University of Culture and Arts in Minsk/Belarus
Major subject: classical Jazz Piano


1994-1997   Pianist for national Bands and acts in Germany
1997-1999   Composer and Arranger in STUDIO 33 in Hamburg/Germany
since  2000   Freelance Producer and Studio Owner in Hamburg/Germany


Rock, pop and classical music productions
Song writing, composing, recording and arranging


Div. Gold and Platinum Awards
national and international #1-Hits and chart successes